Name Upper Hand Organization (UHO)
Native Name هيئة اليد العليا (Alyad Aleulya)
Slogan Yā Manṣūr! Amit “Oh, victorious! Bring death”
Colors ■ (#000000) (#FFFFFF) (#B00D23)
Founded 17 October 2012
Founder Sheikh Mohamad al-Mail
Leader Title Chancellor
Ideology Fundamentalism. Jihadism. Mahdism
Religion Islam
Command Center Decentralization

The Upper Hand Organization (“UHO”) is a decentralized global organization and a comprehensive reform movement based on the belief in the necessity of preparing for the emergence of the Promised Imam Mahdi; by mobilizing and leading the energies of believers.

– The UHO adopts one of Imam Mahdi’s titles, ‘The Upper Hand (Alyad Aleulya).’

– The UHO has been entrusted with issues that cross national boundaries, as well as with only one central mission: to bring Imam Mahdi into the global power by creating the conditions and preparing his global army.

– The UHO’s base of reference is Islam, and it works with and for Muslims everywhere, and jihad is its strategic project. It also works in a variety of fields and at different levels.

– Contact us: info@upper-hand.org